Vidoflex Insulation products

Insulation is applied to cold water pipes to control condensation. Vidoflex® insulation products are widely used for chilled water systems, for the following reasons:
• low water absorption
• stable low thermal conductivity
• low water vapor transmission
• outstanding flexibility

SAvidoflex® Self adhesive, pre-slitted insulation:

  • Insulation is easily applied for faster installation and increased profits. SAvidoflex® insulation products are widely used for heating systems.

Temperature Range:

  • Vidoflex® products allow for a large working temperature range of -60c to +105c, providing the ideal solution for dual temperature systems, and hot or cold pipelines.

Resistance to moisture and vapor absorption:

  • Due to the specially formulated closed-cell structure with inner and outer skin, Vidoflex® adds superior vapor barrier characteristics to the excellent thermal insulation properties. This minimizes the necessity to use other materials to control condensation problems.
  • Fire and smoke rating
  • Vidoflex® is specially treated, and recognized by most European authorities for its extremely low flammability and smoke rating.

Enhanced thermal insulation efficiency:

  • Vidoflex®’s unique formulation and closed-cell structure has an extremely low thermal conductivity value (lambda coefficient). This feature makes Vidoflex® a highly efficient insulation material dramatically reducing heat loss or gain.

Cellular memory:

  • Even after prolonged compression, Vidoflex® will return to its original form. This together with its particularly tough inner and outer skin, makes it ideal for rough industrial insulation.

Sound insulation:

  • Vidoflex® provides good sound insulation and has muffling effect on noises such as vibrations and liquid movement transmitted through pipework.

Chemical resistance:

  • The synthetic rubber in Vidoflex® provides excellent resistance to oils, grease, and virtually all chemical agents used in industrial processes. The special composition of Vidoflex® resists all weather conditions including ozone and ultra-violet rays. The material can be painted to mark different temperatures of liquids in the piping.

Environment – friendly:

  • An added advantage to using Vidoflex® is that there are no CFC’s used during production, nor do the products release any dust or chemical agents that can endanger ecology or health.


  • Vidoflex®’s remarkable flexibility makes it the easiest insulation material to install, saving costly time and effort.

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