insulpro rockwood product

A Unique All-Mineral Wool

Stone Wool/Mineral Wool/Rock Wool/Mineral Fibre is composed of a unique highly specialised mineral fibre – spun by a special process from  molten rock and slag having high silica and alumina values.  The fibres are felted into felts (blankets) on boards and bonded into the various thicknesses and densities with specifically formulated moisture-resistant modified phenol formaldehyde resin.


Thermal insulation of large ducts, vessels, boilers and high temperature plants. Particularly suitable for large curved or irregular shaped surfaces.


Rot-proof, odourless, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. Will not settle under vibration and is dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity.

Acoustic Performance

Rock wool provides effective acoustical insulation where there is a need to reduce noise levels from pipework or to absorb sound in other applications. Actual performance varies with thickness.

Operating Temperature

Rockwool products are made from non-combustible mineral wool giving stable, fire safe materials suitable for a wide range of thermal, acoustic and fire protection applications up to continuous operating temperatures of 650°C.

Chloride Content

Rockwool products contain inherently low levels of water- leachable chlorides. Rockwool products will not cause stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel.

insulpro rockwool products

Fire Safety

In considering fire performance, the products to be used should minimise transmission of fire, add minimal combustible materials, and not generate smoke or toxic fumes, when exposed to heat. All Rockwool products are:

  • Non-combustible according to SABS 0177 Part V
  • Class 1 Fire Index according to SABS 0177 Part III

The fibres from Rockwool products are biosoluble. They will dissolve in lung fluid within a matter of days and pass through the body naturally.
insulpro rockwool products

Handling and Storage

All Rockwool products should be stored and handled with care to maintain ex-works quality. The packaging will provide some protection, but care should be taken to keep the material dry at all times. Extra protection should always be provided when storing outdoors.

Water Repellency

Rockwool preformed pipe sections are available ex-stock in a water repellent grade. Other Rockwool products can be manufactured in a water repellent grade on request.

Moulded/Specialised Products

Rockwool insulation can be designed and moulded to meet specific customer product requirements.

Cutting and Shaping

Rockwool preformed pipe sections, boards and rolls are easily cut and worked on site using a sharp knife.


All products can be faced with a variety of finishes to provide vapour barriers, colour coding or additional mechanical strength.
insulpro rockwool products