Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation (PIC)

INSULPRO offers Polyisocyanurate (PIC) foam with high performance in the following applications :

  • Petro-chemical and Process Plant Insulation
  • Industrial Insulation of Pipe and Tank – Work
  • High fire risk application
  • HVAC Duct and chilled water pipework
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Refrigeration plant insulation
  • Shipping and Off-shore Installations
  • Building panels for Agreement Approval

Technical Data

Can be supplied in sheet form and pipe sections PIC foams are fine cellular rigid foams.

  • 35kg/m(cubed)- minimum overall density
  • Core sample may exhibit variations of up to +10%.
  • Test to SABS 1383 of 1983 – Part 5.6

  • With direction of rise- PIC35 220kPa
  • Variations of +10% may be found. Test to SABS 1383 of 1983 – Part 5.7

  • Minimum value : 90%. Test to SABS 1383 of 1983- Part 5.8

  • At 10’C : 0.023w/m2(squared)’C. Test to SABS 1383 of 1983- Part 5.9

  • At -15’C max 1.0% Dimensional Change
  • At 100’C max 1.5% Dimensional Change
  • At 70’C and 95% RH max 1.0% Dimensional Change
  • All tests are over a 24 hour period. Test to ASTM D2126

  • Oxygen Index ASTMD2863 28%-30%
  • Butler Chimney ASTM 3014-73
  • Weight Retention 90%
  • Flame Spread BS 476 Part 7 Class One
  • PIC35 is recommended for applications where good fire performance is required.

  • Length and Width +/-2.0mm maximum
  • Thickness +/-1.0mm maximum

The information set forth herein is furnished for free of charge and is based on technical data that INSULPRO believes to be reliable. It is intended for use by persons having technical skill and at their own discretion and risk. Since some conditions of use are outside our control, we make no warranties, express our implied, and assume no liabilities in connection with any use of this information. Nothing herein is to be taken as a license to operate under or a recommendation to infringe any patent. Thickness +/-1.0mm maximum

Product Performance

Fire Safety - Recommended Product

Dimensional Transfer - Very Low

Closed-cell Content

Compressive Strength - 10% may be expected


Polyisocyanurate Foam Data Sheet