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Fiberglass Insulation Overview

Fiberglass insulation is made from very fine strands of glass held together in a thick, random mat. Between the fibres are many small pockets of air. Aerolite insulation is manufactured from a combination of sand and up to 80% recycled post-consumer glass that would otherwise go to landfill. On average our fiberglass contains 50% recycled glass.

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

Aerolite Ceiling Inuslation ImageAerolite is lightweight and easy to use ceiling insulation manufactured from spun glass.

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Cavity Batt

Cavitybatt imageA range of felts, boards and mattress used in both thermal and acoustical treatment of buildings. Available in a variety of thickness’s and densities to suit the application.

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Ductboard ImageA lightweight, rigid, 25mm thick board manufactured from resin-bonded fiberglass, faced on the external surface with a reinforced foil/kraft vapor barrier.

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Duct Wrap External Insulation

Duct wrap ImageA thermal insulation blanket manufactured from inorganic glass-fibre bonded with thermo-setting resin and faced with reinforced aluminium foil/kraft laminate.

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Energylite Industrial

Energylite ImageA range of boards, felts, blankets and wire-backed mattress suitable for industrial thermal insulation applications up to 450°C.

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Fiberglass Pipe

Fiberglass pipe ImageA preformed high-density resin-bonded Fiberglass insulation, molded in one meter lengths. A single longitudinal seam enables the sections to open and encircle the pipe and to snap closed after placement.

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Soundlite ImageSoundlite ceiling tiles are manufactured from non combustible inorganic Glasswool & bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder.

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Factoryboard ImageFactoryboard is a rigid board manufactured from non-combustible glass fibers and a thermo-setting resin binder. Available in 60kg/m³ as roof insulation.

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Factorylite ImageA 50mm thick pink fiberglass insulation bonded on one side to a reinforced kraft/aluminium foil. Manufactured in 1270mm wide rolls with a cover width of 1200mm and in any length from 8 metres up to 25 metres in 100mm increments. Factorylite is the updated and improved version of Flexible Foil Building Insulation.

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